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Pancreatic Cancer and Whipple Procedure.


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I'm looking for any help and advice anyone can give me regarding Pancreatic Cancer, the Whipple Procedure and Chemotherapy.

Last week, following a CT scan, my Dad was told he has something in his Pancreas. Whilst its not 100% confirmed, they are pretty sure its a tumour. He has a follow up scan tomorrow to confirm the situation for definite and establish the next steps.

They did say they don't think it has spread outside of the Pancreas. I imagine its been there since atleast February, he went to the doctors at the time as he was losing a lot of weight, but everything was put on hold due to COVID. He's also recently been diagnosed with Diabetes which will be linked.

My understanding is that if the tumour hasnt spread outside of the Pancreas and is small enough, then a Whipple Procedure would be the best option. Does anyone have any experience with this?

My Dads medical history isn't exactly straight forward. He is 59 now and about 20 years ago he had Leukemia. He had bone marrow transplant and fully recovered, but was told to expect things to go wrong with his body later in life. He also has Osteoporosis and has broken his legs a number of times, they didn't heal properly which means one leg can't be bent and is a few inches shorter than the other due to lack of cartlidge. In addition, he also has an inactive Spleen which is controlled with medication. I do worry that his medical history may prevent him from being able to have the operation.

Any help or advice anyone can be regarding this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

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