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Triple Bypass Operation


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Hi. My mum has terminal pancreatic cancer and is now awaiting a triple bypass operation (gastrojejunostomy, choledocho or cholecystojejunostomy & entero-enterostomy I think) to hopefully enable her to be able to eat and be at home for her last few months. Has anyone else here had similar experience and any tips/advice? Thanks.

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Hi Walter, welcome to the "forum family" and I'm sorry to hear about your Mum.

The operation she is about to have seems similar to a Whipple in that the Whipple encompasses a gastrojejunostomy and cholecystojejunostomy. The enteroenterostomy is an artifical connection between two sections of the intestine. Obviously in your Mum's case, the intention is to give her a little more quality time rather than seeking a cure but you might like to read some of the posts on the surgical section of the forum which will give you some idea of what to expect. You might also like to post your message there too, so that the people who just read that section of the forum can give you the benefit of their experiences.

If the Whipple is anything to go by, it's a major operation and your Mum will need some TLC when she returns from hospital. Make sure you ask the hospital (preferably your Mum's specialist nurse) whether she needs to take Creon as a result of the operation (it is a drug which does the work which the pancreatic enzymes usually do) and whether there are any other drugs which may be needed, eg the pancreas produces insulin, so your Mum may become diabetic after the operation.

Generally, apart from some discomfort, what I've read indicates that your Mum's main difficulty will be eating full meals - little and often is the key, so that she doesn't get bloated.

Do let us know how the op goes and how you and the family are coping. If your Mum is able to use the computer and wants to join the forum to get in contact with people who have had similar experiences then she'd be very welcome too.

Kind regards

Nicki x

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Hi Nicki, thanks for your kind and helpful reply.

She's just had the op, which I'm told was a success, and she is now recovering in hospital. I've not asked the nurses about the Creon etc because the staff there seem to be doing a great job, and her insulin has been carefully monitored ever since she became diabetic during the Jaundice phase when all this began last summer. Fingers crossed that she'll heel without any complications and we'll be able to bring her home in about a week's time. We're hoping to take her on a cruise if she's able.

Thanks again for your reply.


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