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My mum (52) was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer a few weeks ago which we have been kinda expecting for a few months although the fact that they said it was inoperable had caused a bit of a shock to us all. She had been suffering some back pains since last year which she originally put down to pulling a muscle, after a few months of that not going away they thought she had something wrong with her gall bladder however once she had a CT scan they found lesions on her pancreas and was diagnosed after a second biopsy. She had hew first round of chemotherapy yesterday which seemed to go well, i think they have put her on FOLFIRINOX, we are hoping that will be effective and give us as much time as we can.

One thing she is concerned about with me is that it maybe some hereditary gene causing this which she has passed to me? She is the 3rd person on her side of the family to develop pancreatic cancer as her mum passed away from it at 55 and her uncle passed away from it when he was 58. Also her Grandfather passed away from throat cancer at 51.

I have read online about getting tested for faulty genes at a genetics clinic, i am not sure if i have to see my GP about being referred for this? and have also read about the EUROPAC but not sure if i am i meet the criteria? Has anyone gone through the process of these?


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Andy, really sorry to hear about your Mum's PC. My Dad died of PC 14 years ago and out of my 2 parents and 3 sons, 4 of us have had cancer of one form or another. I am about to start 12 cycles of Folfirinox on Monday for PC.

So my advice to you is contact EUROPAC and register with them ASAP. They are very friendly and helpful. I wish I'd done it last year, but I left it too long. You should also highlight PC in your family with your GP, and every time you see them, again mention genetic PC. They don't always listen, mine didn't and said I had IBS...! Also speak to Maggies Centre, they're very helpful - and of course the nurses on this forum are too.

Good luck with this and stay clear and clean. It's a nasty pernicious cancer that when diagnosed can be too late.

Best wishes B9

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Thank you for the reply, so sorry to here you family has been hit so hard with this, but I wish you all the luck with your treatment and hope it all goes as well as it can do. Thank you for the advice with that as well, I will contact europac in the next few days and also shall try to see my gp and ask if they can do the genetic testing to see if anything is there.

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