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Suggestion for new forum: TRAVEL


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I was wondering if it was worth setting up a Travel forum. There have been numerous posts that I have read offering great advice and I know that Macmillan have some advice but there is not a lot specific to Pancreatic Cancer.

Pre-Xmas, although only going to Worcester, I tried to get some insurance and had a horrible time on the phone to some 'recommended' insurance agents: some of the questions were just awful.

So I was thinking maybe we could have some ideas on:

Travel Insurance

Whether you can fly (T has been told no)?

If you can when is the best time?

Good things to take with you

Good places / hotels to go to and more specifically 'Cruises' as it looks as though there are decent doctors on board some but which ones?

Obviously a zero response will mean that it's not that great an idea. I'd be happy to help out if needed - not sure of the protocol here.


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sounds like a good idea to me. Obviously you've seen my posts re travel and insurance companies so I wont regurgitate them here.



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Hi Lily

I'll put the suggestion forward to the chief exec. I've already suggested a forum for "Research" and that was going to be put to the committee, so I don't see why they can't discuss this too.

Nicki x

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Thanks - I think that there have been already some good suggestions or hints of.

Given what everyone is going through any constructive suggestions would seem helpful and I am very keen to avoid anyone having to go through the ordeal that I went through with some companies.

Let me know how you get on.


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