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Help! Swollen Feet


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Been offline for a couple of weeks having pyeloplasty which we tried to coincide with T's week off chemo so that the kids would have one of us there; however that week off also coincided with his 1st case of severely swollen feet and calves and slightly swollen face (eyes).

He had his bloods as usual on the Monday and it didn't really show anything other than not great platelets but they have been reducing as the chemo cycles have progressed. I don't think he had his tumour markers done but he did the following day and he has had a course of chemo since so I am assuming that they were inconclusive.

Any idea if it's the chemo or tumour interaction. T's Oncologist is pretty non-comittal: asks about appetite, bowel movement, fatigue, etc.

He has his last week of chemo in Cycle 6 this Tuesday then the dreaded CT scan to ascertain whether the 'cysts' that were apparent at the end of Cycle 3 have done anything and what has happened to the original 2 tumours on the pancreas. T still hopeful of Radio and talks about an operation; he doesn't read up on anything, just me.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Lily

I assume that T is on gemcitabine chemotherapy, either alone or in combination with another drug. Like many chemo drugs, gemcitabine can cause fluid retention and this results in swelling in hands, feet, legs and other parts of the body. It is unlikely to be one of the rarer but more serious side effects but do keep an eye on him and if he gains more than 5 pounds in weight in any week you need to let the oncologist or specialist nurse know so that they can keep it under review.

It goes without saying that if there's any indication that it could be more serious, eg shortness of breath, chest pain, back pain (kidneys) then you need to get him to A&E/the ER for them to check it out.

Pyeloplasty can be a nasty procedure so I hope you're both feeling better soon.


Nicki x

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