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Did anyone see the article on CV247?


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That was in the Mail on Sunday - 31st January 2010?

Unfortunately it is not on their online paper, so I cannot link it here. I have contacted the journalist who wrote it and she has given me a copy of it .docx - which I cannot open :S

I will give you a brief outline:

Diagnosed with terminal lung cancer 11yrs ago, Fred Portch then 61yrs old was told by drs that there was no more they could do for him. "They said I could be dead within the year". 'When I was told my kidney cancer had spread to the lungs in 1998 and that the tumors were growing fast, I was basically told by 2 hospitals xxx in Hertfordshire and xx in London, to go away and die', recalls Mr Portch.

So more than a decade later, the tumors have gone and Fred says he feels as fit as a fiddle. Having had no chemo, radiotherapy or any other conventional cancer treatment. There is nothing else he can attribute his recovery to than a daily dose of a little-known drug called CV247.

This drug was developed 30yrs ago by a London vet called John Carter, for use on dogs with cancer - it is a combination of sodium salicylate (a chemical similar to aspirin), copper gluconate, manganese gluconate and ascorbic acid (Vit C).

Fred was told about John by a friend, and went to see him - "he told me I wasn't going to die and said he would look after me, he told me to take CV247 - which he was giving out to patients for free...." He said there were no side effects and it was completely safe, but to stick to an organic food diet.

"I had nothing to lose so I agreed. When I returned to xx for tests 3 months later, the tumours had disappeared".

Fred continues to eat organically and take 10ml of the drug every day in liquid form in a glass with a drop of orange juice and a vit c supplement.


The rest of the article is about how it is used on animals, but can be got on prescription for about £30. The company Ivy Medical Chemicals (Hungary) produce it.

Clinical trials have been inconclusive, but there have only been two.

Results indicate it's the soldium salicytate that may have had an effect by supressing the enzymes that can cause cancer cells to grow (my own oncologist told me to take aspirin every day as it helps stop tumor growth.....I did for a while, but once I ran out I stopped).

Oncologists have speculated that Fred Portch whent into spontaneous natural remission.

Dr Ioannis Papasotiriou, medical director of the Research Genetic Cancer Centre in Greece suggested SV247 could be used alongside chemo. When combined with a toxic chemo like cisplatin, it reduces the harmful effects by four-fiths whilre retaining the same clinical benefits. Scientists have been looking for decades for a substance to reduce the toxicity of chemo.


Interesting eh?

I am thinking of writing to Mr Portch for more info - if I can find his address :) (I think he belongs to a chess club - so if I can't find his home add, I will post a letter there)


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I found Mr Portch's telephone number, and called him.

It was a sad conversation, most of it with his wife who was kind enough to take some time to talk about the treatment.

Unfortunately his cancer has returned, and spread to his brain and he's not well at the moment. However, she still insists that the CV247 was the reason he had lasted this long and definately the change in his diet (all organic, low salt, low sugar, small amounts of organic meat). She mentioned that over the past two years or so he had slackened on the diet front, and thinks that this may have contributed to the return of the cancer.

They also sadly lost their daughter back in September to breast cancer. She wanted to take the CV247 but was advised not to whilst following the orthodox chemo regime, which at the time she thought would give her the better chance.

Anyway, she gave me the telephone number of the Dr that worked with the Vet who pioneered the medicine, I may give her a ring for some further information.


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Hi Juliana

Here's a link to an online version:


However, I'm not sure that the article is "new news", since they quote John Carter and according to someone who knew him he died in 1998! (http://www.coldwetnose.blogspot.com/2009/01/john-carter-from-beyond-grave.html).

This seems to be backed up if you read between the lines of the info on the website of the company now developing CV247 (www.ivymedical.com/history-company.html). They seem to be quite genuine in that they specifically state that "CV 247 is not currently licensed in countries other than Hungary for effect on quality of life or for treating cancers in either animals or humans and no claim is therefore being made on this web site for either efficacy or safety in territories other than Hungary."

Hope that helps.

Kind regards

Nicki x

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Hi Nicky,

The article you linked for the daily mail is an old one....I have read it, but it's not the one I quoted from.

Yes John Carter died a while ago unfortunately, but I do have the telephone number of the Dr. he personally dealt with to check his 'human' patients who were taking the CV247 - may give her a ring when I have time.

I'm desperately trying to decide on a hotel in Lanzarote, we have the flights but just can't seem to agree on a hotel.....as we are thinking of doing half board or all inclusive we want to make sure it's somewhere that won't give us any issues on quality. After reading so many reviews of each different place we have fancied we now cannot see the wood for the trees.....

Anyway, cheers for the links - speak soon,


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I saw the article on CV247 and afer a surge of initial excitement I remembered discussions on this website, keeping a balance between hopefulness and cynicism, and that is there really was a treatment that worked as well as this we would surely know more about it? However, after the Whipples they have found some cancerous cells sitting, inconsiderately, on top of an artery where the pancreas was cut away, so chemo has been recommended as essential after some weight / strength gain. We have a meeting with an oncologist at a regional centre in a few weeks, will ask them what they think about CV247. It's got to be important to research all avenues?


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