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Latest CT scan - conflicting result


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Got my CT scan results a couple of weeks ago. It is now 26 months since I stopped chemo before surgery in June 2017, and 2 ½ years since I was diagnosed with PC w/7 or 8 metastases in the liver. CT shows no sign of the cancer growing in my liver or around the tail of the pancreas where I had surgery. Only one spot/lesion at the liver is visible on the latest scan, 13mm which has been the same for the last 24 months. The smaller ones are not visible on this scan. There is an area just under the diaphragm and behind the abdomen that is of concern. A 15mm lesion was picked up at a PET/CT scan 4 months ago with a SUV of 5.8. This has now grown to 22mm, iow grown around 7mm the last 4 months. The area is around 150mm away from where they did surgery, so it is not likely to be scar tissue or cancer growing in the pancreatic bed. My medical team is a bit uncertain what it is, since this is not a typical place for metastases and there are no sign of cancer growing anywhere else which would indicate that there are active cancer growing. All blood samples are good, but I have had normal CA19-9 all the way. The lesion is located so it is very hard to do a biopsy, one option they want to try is by ultrasound guided gastroscopy and then use a needle to take a sample from the area to find out if is cancer or not. Alternatively they have to open me up and do surgery to get to the area. The surgeons think the cost/benefit-risk don’t justify surgery as of now. One theory is that it could be spleen tissue that is growing. My spleen was removed during the surgery, but it is known that spleen tissue might move around and start growing again according to my med team. I would be very interested in experience or knowledge with similar situations. Best wishes to all of you.

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