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23, really worried about pancreatic cancer


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Hello everyone. Let me apologize in advance because I'm not diagnosed, however I'd like to get some feedback from people smarter than me.

I'm a 23 year old male, diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and hypochondria.

My pancreatic cancer worry started about half a year ago - in August 2018 I had a week long nausea, which wasn't related to food/sickness. It went away as suddenly as it came, however I, being the health anxious person I am, wanted to know the reason for it, so I went to my GP who ordered my an Ultrasound. Pancreas was seen clearly on it, and the scan was clear. That gave me some relief, but then the nausea happened two more times, once in October for two days and once on Christmas. Went to a gastroenterelogist and he told me that it's probably Gerd and that if it happens one more time, he'll refer me for a EGD.

January was uneventful and I felt pretty good. However at the beginning of February, I caught some kind of virus - over a course of a few hours I was having a fever, chills, vomiting and back pain. Of course I attributed the back pain to pancreatic cancer. All the symptoms of the infection went away after a good night of sleep, however the back pains persisted for almost whole February, they were located under my shoulderblades and switching sides, once to the left, once to the right and so on. Then they disappeared.

Two days ago, after a birthday party where I drank quite a lot alcohol, I woke up and about 15 minutes later I had this severe epigastric pain, which I never experienced in my life before. It hurt really much and persisted for about 15-20 minutes and then went away. From what I've read, biliary colic has similar symptoms, but I didn't have gallstones on the ultrasound in August.

So since two days ago, I'm a walking stressed mess. I have visited my GP today and she reassured me that I would be losing weight(I actually gained 7kg since December), I'm too young and so on. However, I've read many stories about young patients or patients with intermittent symptoms like me and I'm really anxious. She couldn't refer me for a CT either. Tomorrow I'm going for a blood test, including amylase. She also prescribed me PPI's.

So a quick recap here:

-intermittent nausea since August 2018

-had blood work and ultrasound somewhere in September, all clean

-had a stomach pain after a party two days ago, it was a really strong pain lasting 15-20 minutes, epigastric and I never experienced such a pain before

-had back pain for 3 weeks after a virus

-no family history, not losing weight, no jaundice

What do you guys think?

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