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dear all, just a quickie from my fone.....what's peoples experiences with airport security and medications, we're a bit worried about tomorrow with all the medication including mst, oramorph, capecitabine and insulin. We do have a doctors letter but this is the first time we've flown since blue's diagnosis

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Hi Clair,

I didn't 'declare' anything whilst travelling with my arsenal of painkillers (inc. oramorph) - and like you had a Dr's letter incase I was searched.

We went to Menorca, and the security was stricter on the UK side than the Menorcan side (ie, having to drink from the baby's bottle infront of them to ensure it was not some toxic liquid but infact milk etc). My oramorph being a liquid went into the main luggage and I just took my tramadol onto the plane.

There were no sniffer dogs (which is what I was warned may happen) and we sailed through without any issues.

Make sure you store your meds in your hotel room safe at all times.

Good luck and enjoy xxx


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I took gemcitabine but in pill form.

I still have my Hickman line in place which was used for intraveneous injections during adjuvent chemo, but it doesn't set off any alarms. I still carry my Medical Alert card though......it's brilliant, I just show it and it gets me right to the top of long queues at airport security in an instant.

See my piece on the Whipples procedure that i had in June 2009.

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