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Hi Ellie

just wanted to say I'm so pleased the wedding went well and that you had a great birthday too.

Take care


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Hi Ellie,

Lovely to hear the Wedding went perfectly and that everyone was able to enjoy, what a special day for you all and your daughter will hold it close to her heart forever. Are you able to upload some piccies?

Your birthday sounded fab too - and good on you for going with your gut instinct and ringing work to tell them of your change of plans, some things are just too important to let go by under the rules and regulations of normal hum-drum life stuff! As for the ice-cream.....winner!

Take care,

Juliana x

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Hi everyone

Seems a few of us are in the same boat at the moment - waiting for scans or results. Brian is having an MRI scan on Monday to try and find out what has been causing his back pain. He's been in a lot of pain across his shoulders, under his ribs and has awful shooting pains now and again, which we assume are nerve pains from the tumour in his liver pressing somewhere. They are going to scan his spine to see if it shows anything.

We've managed to have a few weekends away in our caravan but last weekend the travelling was just too much for him. Every bump on the road set off the shooting pains, so the hospice doctor has now upped his morphine for the back pain and the anti-depressants which are supposed to help with the nerve pain. It's made a huge difference already and Brian is so much happier in himself, now he's not in pain all day. This scan will be the first he's had since he stopped his chemo before Christmas, but I don't suppose it will show up what is happening in his liver, if it's only a scan on his spine? Sometimes, I wish he would re-consider having chemo again but he flatly refuses to even think about it. I know he would probably feel much worse if he had chemo symptoms on top of everything else, though.

Juliana - good luck for your scan today. Your hol sounds like it will be lovely, so keep dreaming of lazing by that pool.

Clair - wow, what an adventure you had! Hope Blue gets his pain and constipation sorted.

Nicki - thinking of you and Ted and hope the scan results will be favourable.

Good luck to everyone with their results and to everyone else - hope treatments etc are going ok.

Best wishes



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