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Heidelburg University Hospital,


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Hi Everyone,

Does anybody out there dealing with this horrid disease have any experience of treatment at Heidelburg University, I found a thread on one of the forums here but it was dated 2013/14 and I havent been able to find anything more recent.

Many thanks and wishing everyone here much love and strength for 2019.

Ann W

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I checked the forum you were talking about and found very little information about this disease. I searched on some medical forums, but I found nothing useful. My friend, who is a doctor, recommended me to search and contact someone from https://iunajaf.edu.iq because they had some connections with Heidelburg University and might know something about the disease. For the rest, I wasn't able to find anything but some older threads, which are not good of any use at this time. All I can say is good luck in your search.

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Hi @normalchel - I just wanted to reach out to ask whether you're aware of our Support Line? If you have questions about pancreatic cancer, or just want to talk and get support, you can call Pancreatic Cancer UK and speak to one of our specialist nurses. The number is 0808 801 0707, or you can get in touch by email


We also have lots information on our website - you can read online, download or order free copies. I hope this is helpful.


Ellie - Pancreatic Cancer UK

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