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Just diagnosed very odd results


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Hi my name is Jane , I’m 59, an experienced NHS nurse of 40 years and I have been diagnosed with secondary Liver mets, diagnosis 26/9/18 , having been well and no signs of illness at all, no weight loss no jaundice etc...

Started with what I thought was Biliary colic over BH in August, FU bloods threw a curved ball LFTs a bit up and my CA125 (ovarian Marker] was raised, so Pelvic Ultra sound showed some fluid in Peritoneum , but all organs clear, Abdo Ultra showed mass in Liver in Left Lobe.

At this stage sent to Gynae Oncologist.

Ct with contrast 5 days later, result Liver a mets and Peritoneal deposits but no sign of primary.

CT pancreas, Gall Bladder, spleen and all Biliary tracts clear, so a mystery.

Liver biopsy 1 week ago result now known, Adenocarcinoma of likely Biliary system or Pancreas, with bloods Ca1-99 normal. With still no mass seen.

A Dr friend said could me a microscopic primary with Macroscopic spread, everyone who’s some across my case said it’s very odd.

Now MDT this week of Upper GI team and await thoughts.....

I spoke with Pancreatic nurse from this site and she said it’s the very first presentation like this she’s heard about.

Told you it’s odd.....so dunno what’s next, seems likely perhaps a closer scan of the Biliary system to see if in Pancreas or Biliary system or just go in with Chemo....

Following low Fat diet as any variance causes some sloppy yellow poo, if I don’t eat fat I’m ok.

This forum is great and it’s interesting to read the success stories

Thanks for listening

Jane xx 8)

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