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Weight loss and not having chemotherapy


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Hi my husband Jeff was diagnosed with PC on Feb 14th of all days this year. It took 9 weeks for him to get the confirmation of this. He's lost lots of weight. He was 15 stone but is probably down to about 11 now. Had three bouts of chemotherapy gemcetiben but not consistent weeks as he keeps getting reactions which he has been admitted to hospital 3 times. This all started after the biospy. The cancer has spread. They said his organs have a lot of fluid around them.

Back to see the oncologist soon I hope with another plan. When he gets over these infections he starts to eat again which pleases me. I think also after having chemotherapy the pain levels have gone down. The only thing I fear is we want is for his to have good quality of life and not spend it in hospital after every chemotherapy session. If he doesn't have chemotherapy how long will he have? I know everyone is an individual. I want to take him away get a bit of normality back in our lives. He just says about chemotherapy it has to be down I can't take the stress anymore. I know that sounds selfish. The nurses have been lovely on here. Any advice on going down the no chemotherapy route.

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Hi Suzy

Have you read Marmalade's thread 'our journey without chemo'? Might give you a bit of insight.

I'm assuming that the fluid is in the abdominal cavity if it's surrounding his organs...if so, this can be drained and will make him much more comfortable. However, from my own experience, the appearance of the fluid signalled the beginning of the end for my husband. That said, others can have the fluid regularly drained and can go on for quite some time.

If he feels up to going away, I would, but would probably stay in this country.

I'm sure you are aware that things can progress very quickly in some and much more slowly in others...you just have to get on with today the best you can and hope for the tomorrows. For us, it was a very rapid decline at the end, but it was sepsis that finished him off.

Much love


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Sometimes you get reactions to a chemo regime the first few times only, or maybe you should ask for another type of chemo. I agree with you, you have to consider quality of life. Hope you'll find a solution.

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