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I am a carer to my husband who has had a Whipple operation on 27th February this followed 6 months of chemotherapy which he tolerated well

Since his discharge he has become depressed and does not feel he is progressing He has lost nearly 2 stone in weight and no longer has an appetite and does not feel like eating.He has to take Creon tablets and we haven a dietitian who was very helpful.On discharge he became very sick in the evening after eating and was prescribed anti sickness medication which has helped .I would like advice on what to do to encourage him to eat .After eating he feels bloated and uncomfortable .I have started giving hi small snacks every 2 hours and the dietitian has provided high protein meals.

He is going to have radio/chemotherapy as a followup as a small part of the cancer was not removed

Any help /advice would be welcomed he has fatigue and peripheral neuropathy

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Just keep gently encouraging little and often (try not to nag...we've all been guilty of nagging them to eat)...it does take some people a fair amount of time to get back to any sort of normality and some never do, there has been a huge change to his digestive system ...he just has to find what works for him. If he's depressed, the GP can prescribe meds to help with that.

Google high calorie foods, supplements might help too alongside the meals from the dietician. Procal powder is great for adding protein and calories without adding bulk, milky puddings are good for getting calories in. He also needs to be encouraged to get up and about, which might help with both the depression and the appetite...have a run out in the car, or a small stroll round the block, gradually building it up. He absolutely mustn't do anything strenuous though...my husband ended up with a huge incisional hernia, which was very uncomfortable. The neuropathy will feel a bit better when it gets warmer as my husband saud the cold made it worse.

Hope that helps.


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