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11 months since my Whipple!

Jo W

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Hi there,

In September 2016 I was diagnosed with Pancreatic adenocarcinoma TN41MO involving superior mesenteric vein. The aim was to get me on a clinical trial and I was fortunate to get on the SCALOPE2 trial, I commenced this in October 2016 and although it was very tough going for me, all due to adverse reactions etc, it meant I was unable to complete all my chemo. But it did shrink the tumour enough for the team to consider a Whipple and on 23 Feb 2017 they did the procedure, 12 hours in surgery! I was only in hospital for 7 days and thought yeah I will be fine at home! but nothing can prepare you for the after effects! Recovery has been up and down,my husband has been brilliant throughout it all, from diagnosis to now he has been a rock, I couldn't have got through it without him. I had adjuvant chemo at a local hospital in June and the scan I had after that showed no sign of cancer. Big relief and I had another scan in December and I am seeing the surgical team next week for the results, so.....fingers crossed. But..... I still get problems with shocking wind, diarrhoea. I keep altering my Creon dose accordingly and have codeine phosphate if the diarrhoea is really bad. The worst thing at the moment is the feeling in my abdomen, it's likes a tight feeling and also it's like something is sticking out at times on the right hand side! Has/does anyone get this??? I am going to discuss it with the doctor next week as of an evening after dinner I do get a lot of discomfort.

This is the first time since my diagnosis that I have written about what's happened, friends & family have been supportive but unless you have been through this its tough to explain and understand. Hubby and I just got on with things and only spoke to the specialist nurses when we were in clinic, life has changed and although I now look like the old me (the hair has grown back!) and I'm just a little lighter in weight! I know that I am different too! (although some would say I always was!) Sorry to have gone on a bit, but I just wanted to share my story and to say I am so very lucky to be here and there is hope even though at times when I was in a dark place I thought is it all worth it. Well......it is and Thank the lord for the talented surgeons, oncologists and nursing staff. Jo xxxx

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Great news...it's so nice to hear positive stories.

The discomfort around your abdomen could be an incisional hernia...they are very common.

I hope your scan results continue to show no evidence if disease.


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Jo, thank YOU. We needed some good news, and I'm delighted for you.

Veema's probably right when she says the sticky-out bit might be a hernia. I had heart surgery some time ago and they fitted a socking great big tube from my heart down to the tops of my legs and it felt like a washing machine hose. I asked the surgeon (drop-dead gorgeous) what it was made of, and he said "dacron" which means I can only be washed at 40 degrees and can't be tumbled dried, but then you can't have everything, can you ?

Congratulations on your recovery, and on picking the right husband however many years ago it was. You're a star, and please stay with us.

Love, Mo

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Thanks Mo will do, and yes Hubs has been around a long time! He always says that if he had committed a crime he would have been free by now!

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