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FIL recently diagnosed


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Hi everyone, i've been reading through this forum for a few weeks but hadn't plucked up the courage to post.

My FIL has just turned 60, he had stomach cancer about 4.5 years ago, had chemo and had part of his stomach removed. That treatment worked and he was fine up until about 8 weeks ago. Started getting more tired, losing weight etc, then turned yellow. Was admitted into hospital, they put a drain in and did a scan, said they could see a blockage within the pancreas. Due to the reconstruction from last time, they can't put a camera down his throat or even through his belly to have a proper look. They've said they will treat it as cancer but aren't 100% sure.

I believe the scan/tests showed the cancer was in the lymph node in the pancreas, was pressing on the bile duct which caused the build up of fluid and consequently the jaundice. Almost 2 weeks ago they managed to fit a stent (had an infection and a blood clot from the drain). 3 days after release he saw a doctor (struggled to get any proper information whilst in hospital, very disappointed), who said he was too weak for chemo.....Again we've not got proper info so I'm not sure if they meant because he had lost alot of weight or what. He hasn't been told what grade the cancer is, or given a proper treatment plan

He has a hospital appointment this morning, with the doctor that originally dealt with his stomach cancer. I'm really hoping we get some proper answers and information...My wife is only 31, we have 3 year old twins and my brother in law has 4 year old twins. Not that its ever fair for anybody, but it's just rubbish that he is having to go through it all again.

Hospital sent him home with some enzyme replacement tablets? he has to take those with food and after. Aswell as some of those high calorie drinks.

None of the doctors seem to be in any rush with any of the treatment, its scaring me and making me wonder if they know something that we don't. Like is there any point in treatment? my fil has said since he's come home, he's feeling better. Still having naps in the day but he's trying to eat, getting some fresh air. I believe his jaundice has calmed down a bit.

I just want proper information so I can help my wife deal with it. My inlaws live on the IOW, and we live in Lancashire, so its not an easy journey we can do every week, especially with little kids

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they've now said the cancer is in the lymph node outside the liver and pancreas. Will be having 8 week course of chemo, and a CT scan on saturday...I don't believe theyve said if he can be cured?

feeling quite upset at the mo :(

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PCUK Nurse Dianne

Dear Wonderland,

Thank you for joining the forum discussions and so sorry to hear the news about your FIL, we certainly do appreciate this must be a sad and difficult time for you at present. I am sure you will receive a lot of support and friendship from this wonderful forum family.

Wonderland I will email you independently of the forum as it may be helpful to have a longer discussion about some relevant points that would be helpful.

With kind regards,


Pancreatic Cancer Specialist Nurse

Pancreatic Cancer UK

Support phone: 0808 801 0707

email: nurse@pancreaticcancer.org.uk

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