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CT scan showing 'cysts' - any advice?


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We have just had my husband's 1st CT scan since he has started chemotherapy (for those that don't know Trevor was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer almost 3 years ago, they removed his kidney along with the 18cm tumour but in April this year his pancreas had signs of 'pancreatitis' and 'cyst-like masses'...we were given the all-clear twice, then the xx told us otherwise, went through a further 6 weeks of tests and an operation that could not go ahead as the tumour had by now spread and eventually we found out that he had two tumours which weren't secondaries but new primaries and locally advanced pancreatic [1 tumour was 2cmx1cm and stable, the other was about 2cm in May, 4cmx3cm in June, 6cmx4cm in July and although the Consultant wouldn't say, he wouldn't deny it when I suggested that it seemed to be growing at a rate of 50% per month so let's say it was about 9cmx5cm when he started chemo]...there is a reason for this preamble).

Trevor's markers have always been low but the tumour sizable. He is tolerating Gemcap reasonably well and has some days that are better than others. Yesterday we were told that the results of the CT scan showed that the tumour had not grown but that there were 3 'cysts' behind the pancreas. The Doctor said that these were fluid-filled and could be as a result of pancreatitis (but T has had no symptoms and they are outside his pancreas...) or the chemotherapy or pseudocysts. The scan will be taken to the MDT but my fear is that all of this started out as 'pancreatitis' or 'cysts'.



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