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The Silent Cancer Documentary


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As you may know, during PC Awareness Week, the Community Channel aired a documentary "The Silent Cancer". I recorded in on my Sky box. I've watched it (Blue hasn't) and there were some interesting people on there. I was not sure when it was all filmed (I know some was 2008) and most of the patients I think were post surgery.

However, I made a note of the names of oncologists, etc and list them below:-

Prof Nick Lemoine, Director, Institute of Cancer

Prof John Neoptolemos, Royal Liverpool NHS Trust

Prof Mike Richards, National Cancer Director for England

Harpreet Wasan, Oncologist, Hammersmith Hospital

Alexandra Taylor, Clinical Oncologist

Colin Johnson, Pancreatic Surgeon

Prof Robert Sutton, Prof of Surgery, Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Tatjana Crnogovac-Jurcevic, Senior Lecturer in Cancer Genomics

and finally

David Tuveson from Cambridge Research Institute, which is on the Addenbrookes site. He joined there in 2006 from the University of Pennsylvania. On the programme he said some remarkable things I thought about his role and to quote

"PC is the easiest to forget about"

"My job is to put myself out of work"

"Currently I have no fear of losing my job"

"Obviously we need to work harder"

He said clinical trials needs to ask specific questions and that they need agents that can be measured quickly if they are having an effect, "not in 2 months or 2 weeks but in 2 days or 2 hours"

And so I am digesting this and as he is local I may get in touch.

If I can copy the programme from my Sky+ box I will let you know


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Thanks for this Clair. I didn't get the chance to record or watch it but would be very interested to hear whether you get a reply from David Tuveson.

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