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Swine Flu


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Hi all,

I was at the DR's yesterday updating my Pancreatic Enzyme prescription and she mentioned the swine flu jab. She was quite surprised that I said I didn't want it....infact she said me of all people should be having it (due to my lungs having tumors, and it attacking the respiratory system) and advised I should get it sorted.

However, neither my oncologist or specialist nurse or the chemo nurses mentioned it to me as something I should be considering.

Personally, I don't want it - the least medication I take the better in my eyes.....Have you or your partners been told to definately have it done?


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Hi Juliana

Both me & Brian were offered the ordinary flu injection and the swine flu. We are due to have it next week. I personally wouldn't have had either, but it says as a carer, I should do to reduce the risk of getting it and passing it on. If I didn't travel on crowded trains, with people coughing and spluttering every day, I would say no to the swine flu injection. The ordinary flu one didn't cause me any problems, so hopefully this one will be the same.

Brian said that in his chemo unit there is a notice saying that anyone on steroids should not have it, but no one has said he must have it. We just got a letter through from our doctors to go for it.

All seems a bit hit and miss, doesn't it!



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Hiya all (will update the Clair and Blue section separately)

Myself and my stepson have both had the flu and swin flu vaccines, we asked the oncologist and they said we should have them but that Blue cannot whilst he is having chemo. The oncologist said it wouldn't work on him anyway.

With both jabs I had a sore arm for a few days but nothing else, well still have a bit of a cough but had that anyway and am taking echinneaca, and to be honest at the moment who can tell if the reason they feel not so great is because of a vaccine, the weather is so up and down (here in Anglia anyway) and you're constantly going from hot to cold.

For carers I'd have them, especially if you have underlying health conditions (eg, asthma, diabetes), as for those of you with PC, like Blue, I'd ask the oncologist.

I did say to the nurse (jokingly) does that mean I can be around those with swin flu and her response was "i wouldn't" which of course I wouldn't, but as an aside I know a young lad (17) who has type 1 diabetes, didn't have his swine flu jab, got it and ended up being resusitated this week after having kidney failure.

and now I'm waffling.......

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