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Calling all survivors!


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I would like to make a request to survivors! We know that there are long-term survivors out there but they rarely post. Understandably, they want to get on with their lives and forget about PC if they are able. However, if you are one of those who has perhaps used the forum, or just been a silent reader, it would be very helpful if you could set a reminder once a year to come and say hello. It is very daunting for new patients on here when they read some of the posts and hard to keep their spirits up. Some survivors also feel somehow guilty when others are having to cope with bad news. But as it has been said before, we like good news and it is so important for those fighting this disease! So please, if you are willing and able, come and say hello at least once a year and give us all some good news!

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Hello Everyone!

I have just read the request by Didge to say hello.

I do quite often read the posts and feel very upset at the sad stories and suffering.

I have been very lucky in that my tumours were caught early and know that this is very unusual.

I had pancreatitis from 2002 which provoked investigations and the diagnosis of an IPMN in 2009 and another in 2010 both of which were removed by surgery along with the whole of my pancreas.

Each IPMN had a focus of adenocarcinoma, suspected before surgery and confirmed afterwards.

Nowadays, apart from being insulin dependent and needing Creon I am pretty well and busy with my husband, children and grandchildren.

My story is in the "stories" part of the website but needs updating.

There is hope out there but early diagnosis is the key and amazing people are working to improve this. Even my daughter ( who didn't like PE much at school ) has started running marathons and raising money.

All the best to everyone who is suffering from pancreatic cancer, patients, families and friends.


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Lovely to hear from you Anne. When Rob was diagnosed I read all the stories on the website. I'm glad you're well and enjoying life.


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