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My beautiful Mum


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Hi , Im pretty new here, I Joined a while ago, when my mum was diagnosed, but it's taken a long time to pluck the courage to read any of the threads and even more to write my own, so here goes

My Mum, 73, woke up in March this year just burping! ( like drunken man!!) She's done it ever since, every second of every minute, she cannot control it, so knew something was wrong, they diagnosed diabetes, and then in June diagnosed early stages of Pancreatic Cancer, they said it was in the head of the pancreas, but was inoperable because it was too close to the arteries, she had 1 dose of chemo and had a horrific allergic reaction, so that had to stop, and was then told that they could do nothing else to help her, so it's just palliative care, all of a sudden in October mum started to feel nauseous, and very weak, so went to bed and it got so bad that she has just not got back up!! We're now December and she has carers come once a day for her personal needs, but my dad is there to do everything else as is my Husband and I, she now can't even get up with out help to got to the loo without vomiting, it seems any movement makes her so very sick, she hardly eats anything or dinks anything, she has lost more that half her size!

The only meds she is on are Butrans Patches and oramorph for when she needs it, ands n anti sickness, that doesn't seem to do much, but they are trying her on steroids this week, but they are only for 6 days and they she can't have them again for 6 weeks!!

This is just so awful and so hard to watch my Beautiful mum go through, and I feel so very helpless! And here we all just seem to have something in common and know how we all feel xxxxx

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Hello and welcome to the forum, the place no one wants to be but where you will get help and support, because as you say we all understand just how you are feeling, with your mum tackling this truly horrendous disease.

If you can tomorrow, speak to the wonderful nurses on here they can help so much and might be able to give you some extra information on different drugs to help your mum. They are so easy to talk to and are used to dealing with all the problem associated with this disease.

Sending you a cyber (((hug))) take care love sandrax xx

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Hello Sjo, what an awful time you're having. Sandra is absolutely right, you must phone the Helpline first thing tomorrow morning. You badly need professional help and our nurses are brilliant. They will advise you how to help your mum (and dad) and where to seek help.

Everybody on the forum will be thinking of you so please ask for help any time you want. There are people on here at all hours and support is never far away.

Hugs and prayers

Love Mo

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Hi Sjo,

So sorry that you find yourself here but glad you felt able to post, it can be a real help to put down your thoughts and know that we all understand the love, anger, fear and frustration. You are in good company. I don't know if it would help at all, and everyone is different, but my thread " our journey without chemo" is just what it says on the packet including Louis' final journey. Don't worry it isn't horrible and you may find it reassuring.

Do please contact the nurses on here, they are incredible and will help you get the best help for your Mum. Have you a local hospice? They have fantastic knowledge of end of life care both at home and in their units. Your Dad must be a real trouper and I am sure having you there with him is a great comfort. You are all doing so well and being very brave. It's a huge thing to be coping with for all of you so don't be shy, we are all here to listen and help you through.

I hope you all have a quiet and restful night.

Marmalade xx

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I think that is shocking to be honest. Do you have a palliative care nurse...Macmillan or hospice? Our hospice nurse liaised with the GP and community nurses to ensure Nige had everything he needed to keep him pain free and comfortable...there are loads of anti sickness meds she could try.

Huge hugs...it's hard enough having to watch someone you love go through this without it being made more difficult by them not getting sufficient care from the medical people.


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