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Brown vomiting


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So my mum has not been well last week or 10 days. After doing great from May on, things I'm affraid started to take a turn.

She developed jaundice and bile duct stent was inserted. After comming home she has troubles with feeling full and constant burping. Due to that she started to eat much less. In fact she has something small for breakfast and small lunch. Than in the afternoon constant burping and she only finds some relief after she vomits. She says that she only vomits liquid and that it is of brownish colour.

I'm going to tak to her GP again tomorrow, but would like to check if anyone has experience to share? I'm soo affraid that this is the start od the end.

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Dear mymum68,

I do feel for you as this disease has so many manifestations and can be very frightening for both patient and caters. You are right to speak to her doctors if she is in distress as most of the people on here are not medically qualified and don't know your mums history. Have you asked your GP about hospice and palliative care and are you in touch with a specialist nurse and or your local hospice? The hospice staff are very much more knowledgable about end of life care and keeping people comfortable than most.

I know things can look bleak but this disease is known for the roller coaster trip. Very down and bleak then periods of relief and comparative normality. The situation can change daily or even in an hour.

Try some simple things like a hot water bottle or wheat bag for comfort and to help move wind and or some hot water to sip which can also help. We were taught a calming hand technique at our hospice classes and to use a fan to help with nausea. Heels is out there but you have to tell people that you want it. Contact the GP or the nurses on here or your local hospice, they are there to help. I feel that you would benefit from speaking to someone who will be straight with you about this prognosis. People try to be kind and save you from distress but there is nothing quite as terrifying as the unknown. I don't know if reading my thread " our journey without chemo" can help you or not as your mums symptoms are different.

No one on here underestimates the trauma you are all going through and weekends can be hell with everything on "out of hours".

I hope your mum is able to get some respite and you some rest. Much love, M xxx

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Dear Mymum68

Your Mum's symptoms sound awful. I have no similar experience to share but want you to know that I am thinking of you and your family. I hope you had a helpful talk with the GP today and that your Mum can very soon be made to feel more comfortable.

I agree with Marmalade that a palliative care team would be very good people to get on board now. Hopefully this can happen while treatment continues and not just as a replacement to treatment.

With my very best wishes

W&M x

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Dear MyMum68,

I am sorry you have found yourself in this forum. I very rarely comment on here now but I read your story and it is similar to my own. I unfortunately lost my Mum in January after a 22 month battle against this disease. You can read my story on the thread mums diagnosis.

My Mum burped, passed terrible wind and had sickness like your mums. It did help when she took more creon tablets. Is your mum taking creon?

My Mum had a blockage in her stent and was projectile vomiting at one stage. She ended up having major surgery to bypass the bowel.

Do not ever hesitate to contact her GP at any time . If you are ever really concerned they should come out to her.

This really is a hard journey and if I can help in any way please ask.

I hope your Mum is comfortable at the moment and check her creon tablets.

Thinking of you,

Sue x

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Thank you everyone for your kind words.

My mum felt a bit better today - no vomiting. Sue - my mum seems to have similar symptoms - my mum is experiencing all that you mentioned above.

I did talk to her GP today. She said, if the ymptoms will pwrsist she will call oncologist and ask for advise. She did not seem to concerned and attributed it to "nature of disease". I'm consered that she has some kind of bowel obstruction.

As for Creon and hospic - we are not from UK and none of her doctors ever suggested creon. I will ask her GP and on 20th her oncologist. Unfortunatelly we do nit have hospic here :(. It us eaither palliative unut in the hospital or being at home. There are nurses who can make home visit to administer drugs if needed, but that is it. My mum would like to stay (die) at home and if we will be able to mange pain, we (my father and I) will grant her that wish.

I'm worried because my mum's GP thinks, mum should finalize chemo treatment. What's the point of having one or two more administrations of abraxane + gemcitabin? What good can it make? I'm affraid that would be too much for her. I will talk to onco nurses as well. Problem is, my mum takes doctor's opinion for sacred. So if ger GP says: you should go, she will, even though she is very weak and does not wan't to continue. All she want's is to stay home and be as comfortable as possible.

My I ask - what kind of tests are needed to determine bowel obstruction? When she was in hospital last week and they inserted metal stent in her bile duct, they said food is not passing ok through her stomach. But no one did anything in this respect and not even CT was performed, as machine was broken (yes, there is only one...). So we are waiting for Ct. Unfortunatelly we have strictly public health care in our country, so no private hospital to turn to for quicker assessment.

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I'm so sorry all this is happening to your Mum. As far as I can remember my Mum had a CT scan and maybe an X Ray. She did have 2 stents before her operation. Please ask about creon as it is so important and will help with her digestion.

Take care

Love Sue X

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PCUK Nurse Rachel C

Dear Mymum 68,

I am also so sorry that you have found yourself on this forum. I am glad, however, that you have felt able to post, and I am sure you will find this a very supportive community.

I'm also glad that Mum was feeling a little bit better yesterday, so I do hope that this remains the same today?

I hope you don't mind and as there are several aspects to your post, I will send you a personal email by the close of business today.

Kindest regards,


Pancreatic Cancer Specialist Nurse

Support Team

Pancreatic Cancer UK

email: support@pancreaticcancer.org.uk

support line: 0808 801 0707 (freephone)

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Just a quick upadte.

For the past two days mum feels better and both burping and vomiting has stopped. She is however more careful about eating which means, she is not eating enough (has the appetite, but is worried that she would feel worse if eating "too much".) However I did manage to speak to her oncologist and I will send him her latest test results (bile duct stent was instered at local hospital, while oncologist is at another hospital). He will review them and if not before, we will go through them on our next appointment (which is on December 20th). If situation would worsen, i would take her directly to hospital.

Thanks again for all the support! I'm looking to some calm days (fingers crossed!) :-)

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Excellent news that your Mum is feeling better! My fingers and toes are crossed for you that you do indeed get some calmer days. See if your mum can eat little but often? At least now you have a plan.

Good luck and keep updating us xx

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