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my dad's experience -post moved to family and friends thread


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I posted this by accident in the patients experience forum. I apologise if it caused anyone any upset.

note to self - don't do things at 3am!

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Hello Hillbill

Welcome to the forum. I'm really pleased you have already made contact with our WONDERFUL specialist nurses, they are truly amazing.

My husband survived 14 months. We met a couple quite by chance on holiday during one of his chemo breaks and 5 days after returning home, the husband had been diagnosed with stage 4 PC (exactly the same as my hubby with liver mets) and died 11 weeks later. He was absolutely fine on holiday.

You have drawn an even shorter straw than that and I am so very very very sorry to read your story. It must have been and still be such a massive shock, you cannot come to terms with something like this so soon. There are no words really but pleased rest assured you will have the same type of support you had from the specialist nurses, from what we call the forum family, i.e. carers and PC sufferers who are going through or have gone through the same but from an experience perspective, rather than medical of course.

It's not going to make you feel better but they are other cases where it has happened even faster, that's the nature of this particular beast. It can be very aggressive, totally unpredictable and evil to the core.

I only hope that your dad's care team are able to make and keep him comfortable and that you are able to get some much needed sleep.

We are here if you need us.

Much strength

PW x

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Thank you both.

I have moved this post to the family and friends section, I hadn't realised it had gone here until this morning.

sorry about that,


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