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How much longer?


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Hi everyone I am new to this site and just looking for some guidance.

I am currently caring for my Nan. She was diagnosed in August 2014 with inoperable Pancreatic cancer was given u months with no treatment 9 with treatment she chose the treatment path. For 12 months it was as if she had wrongly been diagnosed. She Finished her Cemo June last year the doctors wanted her to have a break then in October we lost my Grandfather which seen to have taken it's Toll on my Nan she was scheduled to restart chemo In January this year she has one session and was taken Ill her tumor had grew which was causing a blockage and she had a stent put in the first one failed but the second was successful. Since coming home from hospital in February she has never recovered. With in a few weeks we needed carers for help she seemed to be quite steady up until 2 weeks ago. Her DN did her routine weekly visit and said she had about 3 left. Today it has been exactly two weeks. She has defrosted massively. She is now bed bound and fully incontinent. Very confused seems to have gone back in time. Very sleepy and cathartic. Massive change in her breathing pattern. Still eating but very little every few days and will have sips of drinks here and there. Her feet and hand go hot and cold. Gone from being in,pain constantly to saying she has no pain what so ever. I know she has all the signs that the end is approaching IM just wondering has anyone else experienced the same situation or could give any ideas of how much longer it will be.

Thanks in advanced

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Hi Dandan, I'm sorry that you find yourself here and am sorry to hear about your Nan. It is very difficult to give time frames as people are very different as you can read on this site. Try to enjoy being with your nan just now.


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Hi Dandan,

I'm so sorry to hear about your Nan. It sounds like she is getting tired so every moment is precious but pancreatic cancer is a roller coaster and they can and do bounce back from what seems dire situations. Sadly no one can tell you when or how the end will come. As one specialist nurse put it to me 'we have a pretty good idea how things will progress but then a curved ball comes at us'. Pancreatic cancer is very much like that and it will depend too on what other health issues she has and whether any infections she may have are going to be treated and how. My daughter is a doctor (not a cancer specialist) but she tells me that in her experience some patients seem to decide when they are ready to go or they hang on until they think those around them are willing to let them go.

It sounds like you have all been there and looking after her on this journey, it can be very hard, we all know that but we hope that you will keep posting and tell us how you are an how Nan is going along. The community here is incredible supportive. Bless you all M x

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PCUK Nurse Rachel C

Dear Dandan,

Welcome to the forums, and like many have said before me, I appreciate it’s not the place anyone wants to be.

I am so sorry to hear that your Nan’s health seems to have deteriorated recently, I'm sure it has be a very difficult time for you and your family. As Boa (Catherine) and Marmalade have mentioned, it’s a very unpredictable and difficult path to be on and no one person’s experience is the same.

My name is Rachel, and I am one of the nurses working for the charity and I am sure that you will find this a very wise and supportive community to be part off. Also, please do not hesitate to call through to us, if needed.

Thinking about you at this difficult time.


Pancreatic Cancer Specialist Nurse

Support Team

Pancreatic Cancer UK

email: support@pancreaticcancer.org.uk

support line: 0808 801 0707

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