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Thanks for the links Sandra, and well done to PCUK for supporting Prof Biankin's research in personalised medicine.

It would be fantastic if the UK could introduce a service like the US-based 'Know your Tumor' which allows certain PC patients to get their tumour's molecular makeup profiled for free. Hopefully this will lead to more breakthroughs in personalised medicine for PC, and apparently has already benefitted some US patients. Unfortunately it's only available to US citizens and there's nothing like it over here

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For those that want to find out more about the 'Know your Tumor' service in the States, see:


"Know Your Tumor provides eligible pancreatic cancer patients and their oncologists with information about the biology of their tumor. So far, around 40 percent of Know Your Tumor reports have highlighted information that may be helpful as patients and their oncologists make treatment decisions. These options include clinical trials and other treatments, which may help improve a patient’s outcome."

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PCUK Nurse Rachel C

Thanks for this...'knowing your tumour is quite topical at the momoent!

There has been a great deal of interest in the area of molecular profiling, especially in other cancers such as breast and bowel, however and sadly with pancreatic cancer we are a little further behind. That is why as a charity we are keen to fund research like that of- Prof Biankin’s and Ricky Cunningham’s -Finding the right treatment for the right patient in pancreatic cancer –

You can read further about their research project below (2nd project on list)


I have heard of some patients whom have sent their tumour for molecular profiling, and I do think that it works out quite expensive, as at present it can only be done privately (usually to the USA). Currently and sadly, there are still no targeted treatments available for pancreatic cancer, so although your tumour may be profiled, unfortunately, there may not be an appropriate treatment option out there for you at present…….

Certainly ourselves and our colleagues who are specialists in the area of pancreatic cancer are watching the topic of molecular profiling of cancers with great interest. The idea of using genomic profiling to personalise treatment strategies for pancreatic cancer seems a real step forward and offers a much needed ray of hope.

It is an area of great interest in clinical research and there is an international conference in Glasgow in June, about Precision Medicine for Pancreatic Cancer, where we are hoping to hear all the latest developments, so watch this space!


Pancreatic Cancer Nurse Specialist

Pancreatic Cancer UK

Support and Information Team

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PCUK Nurse Rachel C

Dear Ruffus,

Thank you for your question. Most of the research that we fund is in the pre-clinical stages, so all that means is that they are still very much in the lab, as such.The hope it that they will eventually make it in to the clinical setting in the form of a clinical trial....fingers crossed!

We are all watching with abated breath and are certainly looking forward to the conference in Glasgow in June! As nurses, we are very keen to hear all about the latest updates and to see what might be on the horizon for patients in the near future.

We will certainly keep you up dated, as soon as we hear!

Best wishes,

Rachel Convery

Pancreatic Cancer UK Specialist Nurse.

Support and Information Team.

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Thanks Rachel

It will be really good to hear about the future developments as they arise. I will look forward to hearing about these following the conference.

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