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My journey so far.


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Sorry for late reply JED

No I've not had the nanoknife although I was deemed suitable for the procedure when I saw Prof nanoknife in April. I most definitely would have gone ahead with it but then I heard from Germany who told me they thought they could remove the tumour's through surgery so I went with that option instead.

I found Prof nanoknife very nice and I would have been more than confident in having the procedure done by him. I particularly liked the fact that it was so non invasive, you could continue with chemo and recovery time so quick. I am currently in contact with Prof nanoknife again with regards to viewing my latest scans to see whether liver ablation would be possible on the two measured tumour's in my liver.

It might be that I need to finish three cycles of Gemcap and have three month repeat CT scan which would be at start of November before ablation is considered as obviously the chemo may have an effect on the existing tumour's. I have requested the Prof casts his eyes over my initial CT and MRI scans taken last month at the start of Gemcap just to have his opinion on whether the tumour's are in areas of the liver which are amenable to ablation and to have his opinion. I have been in contact with him and he's requested my scans are sent to him for review. I've asked my Consultant to send the latest scans to Prof nanoknife so will have to wait and see. In the meantime I am on the second cycle of Gemcap. I am tolerating this very well.

I know what you mean re having such a serious illness yet feeling well. We are in Spain for a few days and we cycled 50 miles from our place to the coast on road bikes yesterday. It was fantastic!

I hope you hear some news soon JED and continue to feel well.

Ruth x

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Had my latest CT Scan results which I'm very pleased about.  My peritoneum tumors are no longer visible and the pancreas tumor has has gone from 4.5cm to no longer being measurable as it's mostly scar tissue. My CA19-9 is at 49.  Still waiting on my CT to be reviewed by the professor for the Nanoknife procedure.

Has anyone been cured with gemcitabine and abraxane. Also whats the longest anyone has been on this Chemo.

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That's fantastic news JED. Out of interest which chemotherapy regime have you been on? It looks like gemcitabine and Abraxane. If so are you in Scotland or Wales or is it part of a trial as Abraxane not available in England on NHS?

I'm not sure if anyone has been cured with gemcitabine or Abraxane. I also read different stories with regards to length of treatments. I think factors include response to treatment and if someone is responding well to treatment it maybe continued.

Is the plan to continue with chemotherapy? I wish you a continued good response to treatment


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It's brilliant that you've done so well on the chemo and it's good that there are other options that you can discuss with your medical team - I'm thinking Folfirinox, chemoradiotherapy - if the Gem and Abraxane becomes inappropriate. Abraxane hasn't been used for PC for very long, only a few years, so there won't be much/any info out there about long term use. Stage 4 is not generally considered curable but there have been some recent cases in the US of stage 4 patients having successful resections. I posted details here:


Wishing you all the very best and I hope you get good news from the prof.

W&M x

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That is such fantastic news JED and I think we do need to start exploring, around these new chemo routines, the potential to be be operated on because ultimately I am sure you are hopeful to be cured and with such an amazing response the question has to be asked.. what now?

We are also looking at the Folfirinox route after abraxane but it does seem that GemCap is also becoming more prominent.

I have seen people cured... google stage iv pancreatic cancer success stories. I truly hope with all my heart that you are one of the lucky ones. xxx

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Thanks for the responses. Sorry for the the late reply been away on holiday for a week on the Isle of Wight with the kids during the half term and my Wife also just lost her Auntie to bowel cancer after 7mths, she was only 65.

Radiologist didn't think an Operation would be possible given how close the tumor and scar tissue is to the blood vessels. I am going to bring it up with my Oncologist next time I seem him, also want to speak to him about the long term plan of Chemo at it seems to be getting tougher as time goes on, think maybe just a maintenance dose at some point. I have chatted to him previously about other Chemo's and always got the same response which was whilst we are getting the benefit of the Gemcitabine and Abraxane best the remain on it.

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