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Dads case


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we had a real rollercoaster with dad. he is 68 three years ago he was diagnosed with myloe fibrosis and underwent a stem cell transplant which failed and has just been diagnosed with advanced pc inoperable as it is affecting the body and tail involving the spleen which is also enlarged due to the myloefibrosis , doctors are indicating he may only have a few months and are starting him on chemo Monday in the hope to buy some time for him. we are just hoping he can tolerate it, not sure how the pc will react with the mf would be interested to hear of anyone else is in the same position and chemo helped

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Really sorry to hear about your dad's diagnosis, sounds like he has had it tough! I have no experience of what your dad has but wanted to welcome you to the forum and to assure you, you will get some really good help and useful advice.

You might want to give one of the nurses a ring, or send an email, they may know something that can help.


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Hi Tintin,

Welcome, and I agree with Julia, the nurses should be able to give you some advice, they are amazing.

Sorry to hear about your poor dad lets hope the treatment does give him some more time. Just make sure you make the most of every day, take care sandrax

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