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Mum, 85 just been diagnosed with primary Pancreatic Cancer


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My Mum, 85, has just been diagnosed with Primary Pancreatic Cancer and secondary Liver cancer and I am not getting any immediate answers as to treatment, prognosis, care from the hospital, I will be caring for my mum at home and I feel like I am in free fall at the moment with no facts, please can anyone advise ANYTHING Please

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Hi Lynne,

Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear of your Mum's diagnosis.

If you ring the nurses on 0808 801 0707 they will be able to help you get started on how and where to get some more information.

It is all so very scary, but we will help in any way we can, take care sandrax

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Welcome to this forum but I am sorry to hear about your Mum. My Mum was diagnosed in May 2014 so I know what it feels like to be told your Mum has this awful cancer. You should have been referred to an oncologist who will decide if any treatment is possible. If you haven't chase it up!

Like Sandra says the nurses on here are wonderful and have so much information. They will beable to answer any questions you have.

Everyone on this forum will help in any way they can so please post whenever you need too.

Take care,

Sue x

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Hi Lynn,

Sorry to read of your Mum' diagnosis. As Sandra and Sue have said, please call the lovely nurses on this site, they can help you no end.

My advice would be not to be intimidated by the consultants, and ask and chase as much as you need to.

Leila xx

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