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4 years diagnosis - 57th birthday celebration


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Just wanted to let fellow "sufferers" (hate that term) know that having been diagnosed with PC ( whipples/chemo etc) just after my 53rd birthday I'm still here! Having just celebrated my 57th birthday and having a large glass of Chateau de Pape, I do feel very "lucky " but always apprehensive. Life is so different for me now but we always need hope......... I log into this forum daily, I cry for those who are struggling and those( and families ) who have lost their battle but please remember we are all different and not everyones symptoms/outcomes is the same.

I always worry about posting positives, a) because I worry about tempting fate and b) because I know how much families are suffering. But fellow "patients" need to know that out there is fellow "suffers living a normal "good life, for how long I / we don't know but live ever day to the full. Sue.x

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That is wonderful. I love good news. That is what we all strive for even if most don't make it for that long. As you say, live every day to the full xx

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That's so great to hear, gives fellow sufferers hope! and I think that helps so much. love sandra xx

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