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Hi there, my mum is 84 years old and a week ago she went to the hospital after having different types of tests and the doctor said that something has showed up on her ct scan. He said that it could be pancreatic cancer. My mum has been feeling sick since her birthday almost 6 months ago, she has lost weight and also has constipation. The doctor has said to me, to do a test to make sure its a 100% cancer is to invasive for my mum and even if they get a result they would not operate as the operation is 7 hours long and she would not survive it. I have spoken to the nurse who was with us at the time and he said that they have taken into consideration her age, high blood pressure and dementia. The dementia is not that bad but it does affect her short term memory. They are referring her back to our local hospital. I am waiting to hear from them but in the meantime feel a little bit lost with it all. I keep wondering whether my mum should be having any treatment right now. She lives at home with me and I do everything for her. I feel guilty and I should be doing more for her.

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Sorry to hear that your mum is ill. One thing you could do is to ask for a second opinion. if you have one of the specialist hospitals mentioned on this site near you, you could ask to be referred there for a second opinion (unless the hospital you refer to is one of them). How long the surgery is depends on what needs to be done and that can also depend on the site of the tumour. It may be that the hospital are right and it would be too much for your mum but I would get a second opinion to put your mind at rest. Most cases are inoperable but if your mum's is potentially operable at least you would know you have done all you can. But if the scan shows that it has spread then an operation would not be possible and you may feel that chemo would be too difficult even if the hospital would agree. Having said that, people's reaction to chemo varies wildly from very severe side effects to virtually none at all. good luck and whatever you decide, you have clearly taken your mum's well being to be a priority and you can't do more than that.

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