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Mums crushing pain


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My mum was diagnosed with locally advanced pancreatic cancer one month ago and despite being offered Folfirinox she has rapidly deteriorated and being given end of life care in a hospice. In the last few days she has constantly complained of a crushing sensation, and has had full chest scans which are all clear and not showing blood clots etc the pain is directly associated with her tumour. The doctors are tweaking her meds but the constant crushing is really affecting her mood. I wondered if anyone else experienced these feelings and the best advice for them? She says it's not a pain but a discomfort that she feels as if she cannot breathe as its so much pressure.

Thanks in advance for any advice, I want to make the time she has left as comfortable as possible but it seems like everything is against her and she can't have even a good couple of hours.



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Although this is a site where nobody really wants to be, you will find all the people here will support and help you too if they can. With so much experience they offer lots of tips and share their own experience. What is great to see is some who have unfortunately lost their partners still visit and help those still on the journey. We would not have survived without the help of the nurses and forum members. Thinking of you Annette x

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