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Duodenal Stent


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Hi all

I haven't posted for a long time but just looking for anyone with experience of duodenal stents and how you felt in the few days afterwards? Mum has been off Folfirinox since last summer and has been doing well with stable scans ever since but due to problems with eating, feeling sick, bloating etc over the last 6 weeks she has just had a duodenal stent fitted. Her symptoms haven't been relieved in the last couple of days though and she still feels sick, bloated and uncomfortable. Is this normal in the few days after the surgery? Does it take time to settle? I have called the hospital who weren't overly concerned just yet as no temperature or bad pain but we were told on the day that we needed to call if she was still symptomatic so feeling a bit worried.

Any advice is appreciated!



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Hi Kerri,

My husband had a stent only yesterday, so I don't know how it will be yet I'm afraid. Is your mum following the advice about having soft wet foods? There is some guidance on this site,

Hope things improve,


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Hi Kerri we have had 2 duodenum stents and an extension to the stent, First stent put in at the start of all this, we were advised by the dietician to have soft wet foods like nikki as been told, we were also advised to avoid bread and food which have skins on as this could block the sent, we followed things to the letter for the first couple of months we were also given Lansoprazol which we are still taking and this helps. The stent seemed to help beloved straight away. We were given a Specialist Nurse who deals with PC and after about 4 months beloved began to get acid again and feeling sick, we rang her and she organised things and we had a second stent (first one buckled at one end). We have just had stent extended due to tissue growing over it , All times when stents have been fitted beloved been ok nearly straight away. Beloved now eats what he wants but drinks a lot if it is something he should not be eating, we have not had a blocked stent to date. if you are still unsure about your Mum keep ringing the hospital you know your mum better than the hospital staff. Take care wacky x

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