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suspected blood clot


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Went to see the GP for the first time after being told the news of my mum's PC

she has had a swollen foot and I was putting down water retention or the tablets as you do.

Doctor referred use to the ambulatory unit so have blood tests and an injection.

What am really wanting to is anyone else experienced this due to PC.

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Hi Hannie.

When my dad had last but one CT scan, they called him the next day with clots on both lungs. Clotting is very common unfortunately. I know it is frightening. He has to inject himself with a blood thinner called Fragmin every day now.

Leila xx

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She does have blood clot and has a injection.

Have a scan tomorrow on her legs.

They have said she will probably have to inject for 6 months.

It's just going to make the biopsy of the liver difficult.

Just as my mum was feeling comfortable as the pain had subsided.

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Hi Hannie

Unfortunately blood clotting is a side effect of both PC and chemo. My partner was on Clexane. It was a pain (more for him than me of course) but it became part of our routine and I used to do the injections and it soon became part of our daily life.

I wouldn't worry about it too much at the moment but there is a measure to be made, in future, between side effects of that and the PC. I can't give you an answer I'm afraid but it's a discussion to be had when you are talking about discontinuing it There is a measure to be made (I believe) between the possibility of bleeds (thru continuing) and clots (thru not). Sorry, this probably isn't very helpful but something maybe to bare in mind in future if you need to.

Cathy xxx

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Thanks for your msg Cathy

Am just glad to be able to msg here really.

We have had district nurse come all of sudden with any message to say they where coming but it is reassuring that they have come.

Though iam ok doing the injections for the 6 months they have said.

We are at just on the first step of a long journey.

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Hi Hannie, It's good that you have the district nurse, for extra support, my husband has been on fragmin injections for more than 6 months but the consultant wasn'ts him to continue on them still, hope Mum feels better soon take care sandrax

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