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Please forgive my hesitant first posting, I'm sure I will get better at this.

Two weeks ago my Darling husband (aged 57) was diagnosed with un-operable Pancreatic Cancer which has spread to his liver. To make matters worse, one of his kidneys was badly blocked, causing him more pain.

Last Thursday he had a stent fitted to his left kidney to help it drain. This was a success and seems to be helping with his pain.

Tomorrow he starts Chemo. (Gemcitabin & Abraxine)- please excuse any wrong spelling.

We will find out more about timings, possible side-effects etc. but I would welcome any help/information anyone has.

His care so far has been faultless, and everything seems to have been going so fast, we have hardly had time to think! Thankfully though we can both talk about everything to each other and have gone through the emotional process of telling friends and family, so now we are ready to commence the Fight!

Ironically I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Borderline Ovarian Cancer in the Summer, but I have had most of the tumours removed by surgery. They did find a further tumour in my last CT scan in October, but they are to do another scan in February and decide on more surgery or just to continue monitoring. It is a slow growing Cancer with a good long-term prognosis unlike my husband's, which must be near the top of the 'Cancer League Table' - he always has to be so competitive!

I am so proud of how he is coping with all of this and want to be the best support I can.

I will be so grateful for any support you can give us on this forum.

Wishing you all the best in your individual battles.

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Sorry you are here, but everyone is lovely and will help all they can.

My dad was diagnosed in February with stage 4, spread to his Liver. it is a very scary and emotional time. Every day is so precious.

My advice to you now, is to not waste time. Chase all appointments. Don't let weeks drag on. Also, take a note book with you to every appointment. Consultants don't tend to give every bit of information, only the basics. Write down everything they say, amd write your own questions in the book, to be amswered. Someone told me this here, and the book has been a lifeline. It is full of information that I wouldn't have had if I didn't ask.

Please keep posting, if to just let out your feelings.

All the best

Leila xx

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Hi Fleur,

I am so sorry to hear about your husband, especially when you have already been through enough, life is so bliming unfair.

My lovely husband is on Gemcitabine and Abraxane , and has tolerated it really well. Although his tumours have not shrunk (he did have surgery last year, but they couldn't get it all and it had already spread to lymph nodes in his chest), to date, it hasn't grown. Side effects seem to vary so much from person to person, but Paul normally feels sick for a couple of days after treatment and has some numbing of his fingers and toes.

As Leila says writing notes is a good idea, and then you can always ask questions here, or speak or email the nurses on the support line, and before you know it you will start to sound like a real expert, and will feel you know lots more about pancreatic cancer than a lot of the professionals you come in contact with!

Has anyone mentioned him taking Creon? If not it is worth asking someone to prescribe as this is a enzyme that helps with food absorption when the pancreas isn't working properly.

Hope all goes well tomorrow, once he starts his chemo you will really feel like your fight back has started!


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Hi Fleur, welcome to the place no one wants to be, but where you will get lots of support, and help from our fabulous nurses. I hope all goes well for you and your husband with the treatment, take care sandrax

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Hello everyone,

thank you so much for all your kind words.

You will have to forgive my delay in replying, I do feel like a fish out of water using a forum, but it does help to know I'm not the only one who feels so helpless in the face of this horrendous foe!

My husband had his 2nd dose of chemo today and unlike last week, we realise that he will have about a day before he suffers from side-effects (awful constipation, fatigue, slight feelings of nausea and low mood. We did not realise there would be a delay, and for the first day after treatment, he thought he had got away with it.

We are due his 3rd dose next week and then he will have a week off. If things are progressing OK then he will have a repeat of 3 doses (one a week), a weeks rest, and then a CT scan to check whether the chemo is working.

We are pinning all our hopes on this! - it will buy us time (about 12 months), if not, then it will be a lot quicker! So, as you can imagine, we and all friends/family will have 'everything crossed' at that time.

I am finding it difficult to post regularly as time seems to run away with me at the moment.

We are still finding our feet and hopefully will get more of a routine established soon.

Please don't think I am ignoring all your kind thoughts, I will reply even if intermittently.

I send my best wishes and hopes for strength to all of you who like me are heartbroken but determined to make the most of time together and want to be the best support to our Loved ones that we can be!

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