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Saying goodbye ...

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Thank you everyone who posts here. Over the last 15 months I've read the posts on this forum pretty much every evening - I've only posted a few times myself (as my father was very private) but I feel as though I know you so well!...

The website, this forum, the conversations/telephone calls and e.mails with Dianne and Jeni have been my 'lifeline'.....

Yesterday was my fathers funeral. A few hundred people paid their respects and gave him an amazing send off. My Dad was my hero and I love and miss him so much. There are no words to describe the loss... From the moment he was diagnosed he remained positive and remained that way until the end. One thing he said to me during his last days was that I should stay strong and that's what I'm trying to do.

My father was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer and went on to tolerate his chemo well (Gemcap) and lived with his diagnosis for over a year until a complication took over.......

Thank you again to everyone who shared - I've shed (many) tears and found a lot of helpful information here - It's all helped to remain hopeful right until the end.

Thinking of you all



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I really am so sorry to be reading this post. I have genuinely shed tears for you and your dad. I did not expect to see this today. I knew he had taken a bad turn, but didn't realise how bad.

I am so so sorry for your loss. I hope he wasn't in any pain. I also hope the funeral went as well as could be expected.

Please still come here to post. I understand your privacy, but it may help to release some feelings.

Sending lots of love and hugs........

Leila xxx

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Thank you everyone.

We were with Dad until he passed and thankfully his pain levels were under control. It's so hard to believe that he's no longer with us...

Am thinking about writing on the tribute page - (Julia, I saw your lovely tribute for your husband) and will do soon.

Leila - I often think of you and your Dad too xx

Hope things are going well with everyone .... Stay strong x

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Dear LMD

I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss of your dad.

Like you, I have read this forum daily for several months, and only posted a couple of times, but gained so much invaluable support and information.

We lost my dad 13 days ago and I expect my pain is as raw as yours.

Sending you love and strength.

Karen x

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Hello Karen

Thank you for the message... I am so sorry for the loss of your Dad too.

Our fathers were in hospital at the same time - I remember reading your posts as I was sitting with Dad.

You're right, it's all so raw still and at times still doesn't seem real. I hope you are as ok as can be and also send you a lot of love and strength at this sad and difficult time. You're not alone xxx

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Thank you. You're so right about it not seeming real - I feel like this is happening to someone else not me, and I still can't quite believe I will never see or hear my dad again.

It's comforting in a strange sort of way to connect with someone who has probably experienced and is experiencing a similar situation.

I hope you're as OK as possible too xx

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Thank you Karen and LMD.

My thoughts are with you for a relaxing , peaceful Festive Season!reflecting on happy memories and finding comfort in them.


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Hope you are doing reasonably well. Think about you a lot and just really cannot imagine the pain you are going through. Hope you have someone to help you through.

Leila xx

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I have just seen this and wanted to send you my love. My mum is in her last few days and it does, as you said, all feel unreal. I hope that you are ok and are being comforted by those closest to you, Sara xx

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Thinking of you and your Mum too, Sara. I hope your mum is as comfortable as possible and that you are all being well looked after in this difficult time? Love to you both x

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