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Today is my 6 month Whippleversary. 6 months since my Whipples operation on 26/04/14.

I apologise to everyone for copying the American Whipples Warriors Facebook page where they all seem to do this.

In the UK we are more reserved and private ? What the heck.

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It's only four weeks since my Whipples (PPPD) but the news is good! Tumour fully excised, clear margins, no lymph node involvement and no metastasis. I hope to join you in the future for Whippleversary too!

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Yes, they've recommended adjuvant chemo but not had an oncologist appt yet. They were very pleased - all my headings were zero except for the tumour (T3) but that's fully gone. They said it was my choice to have it as my result was so good but I just want to be sure even though I don't fancy the thought of chemo at all.

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Proud Wife

I think it's really good that you've been offered adjuvant chemo, I can totally appreciate you are not looking forward to it but just in case there are an rogue cells lying dormant.

lovely to hear such positive news, keep it coming! xx

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