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Wilko fought this off! Never give up hope.


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Amazing. Stay positive everyone,

Hope you're doing ok Paul? I followed yours and your wife's story so closely when she was ill. My mum was sadly just behind her. It all still seems like yesterday.....

Best wishes

Lucy x

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Hi Lucy. Yeah it does seem like only yesterday. I am ok, I guess, but miss Andrea more with every single day that passes. I'm sure you feel the same about your dear mum. Hope you are ok.



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This is an amazing story. However my thoughts go out to all those who didn't refuse the chemo and had the chemo with all the side effects, had the surgery and still got Beaten by this cancer. But with his story there is hope and belief.

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Wilko certainly is a good news story, but I'm unsure how far his experience can be extrapolated. His tumour doesn't appear to have metastasized in nearly two years which makes it unlikely to be an adenocarcinoma, which is what most of us have.

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