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Hi everyone

Just wanted to share something positive with everyone, for a change.

My husband was put in touch with the Bradford Cancer Support charity and today they phoned and invited him to be assessed for an alternative therapy. It had been mentioned that they may give him a foot massage, which can have beneficial results, but after a consultation with a trained therapist he actually had hypnotherapy!

He was asked to lie down and the very quietly spoken lady therapist then spoke to him and eventually got him to relax so completely that he said he felt no pain in his arms or back, which he normally has. He was aware of everything she said, but felt very soothed and calm. I was in the waiting room and after an hour & 15 mins, he returned looking SO chilled out and peaceful, it was a real pleasure to see! The centre are even arranging for me to receive a treatment, as they feel the carer needs something to help with their stress, too.

My husband will have around 6 sessions at this centre and hopefully learn how to put himself in this ultra relaxed state, so he can hopefully feel calm and pain free for a while at home.

Just wanted to share this experience with everyone, so that if you are offered the chance to try something like this - it really does help! It is free for anyone referred to them, too.

Best wishes to all



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