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Undiagnosed cause of diarrhoea relating to pancreatic cancer

Guest Fifi

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For those who are new or who are just searching for help.

My dad started last December 2013 with diarrhoea after each time he ate. Not 'our' kind of diarrhoea but explosive, watery, liquid.

He was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in February 2014. He was started on creon to help with the diarrhoea. It didn't help. The consultants were wary to prescribe a lot of medication as they didn't want to cause constipation for him. They finally prescribed Loperamide which he takes 4 of, 4 times a day. His also takes codeine, 3, 4 times a day. He also has a Octreotide injection 30mcgs ( highest dose ) once a month, as well as 12, 40,000 creon every time he eats. Which is a lot as he has a large appetite.

Still nothing works. I have admitted him to hospital twice because his diarrhoea reached 40+ times a day. He has had stool tests, urine tests, blood tests, a camera down his throat and a rectal camera, all came back negative. They could not find anything wrong. Told him he was a enigma!

In May 2014 I requested a breath test to test for Small Bacterial Overgrowth. The Gastroeinterologist did not want it doing. He told my dad he was confident he didn't have it. I pushed for him to have it. I just wanted it ruled out if anything.

Today October 2014, my dad received his results and has tested positive.

He can now be treated for this. Something so simple, treatment, so simple. Just special antibiotics. My dad has been depressed, devastated, anxiety sky high, because of the diarrhoea. It has stopped him having any kind of life. It has been horrendous.

I will post some links at the bottom of this post. I just want to say to push all the time. If you want something doing, if you believe in something, push for it. If I hadn't, my dad would never have had this test.

( LMD, I know your dad is similar to mine, I hope this could be of some help to you both)



( The 2nd link, when clicked on, you need to click on the right side that says read full text)

Leila xx

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Well done Leila!!!!

And fantastic that your dad can be treated and hopefully sort this diahorea finally and let him have a quality of life.

Well done oyu.

Cathy xx

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Great job Leila, well done!

We had similar with our onc saying Ray didn't need creon. YOu have to wonder sometimes.

You are doing a fantastic job for your dad.

Julia x

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Good for you Leila, its so sad that we have to push so hard for these things, lets hope the special antibiotics sort your Dad out, and as Cathy says give him a better quality of life, take care sandrax

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