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Nanoknife article in daily mail


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Now I'm NEVER one to promote the daily mail usually but this article popped up yesterday and thought I'd share it. The lady saw the same professor in London that Carl did, she had the same RF ablation on the liver Carl did too, but she had Nanoknife on the pancreatic tumour and 2.5years later is still doing well. I think this treatment above all others should be fast tracked into the NHS, CHEMO is obviously very important but this technology is doing amazing things it seems. I'm not saying it's a miracle cure, long term who knows, but it seems to be a great tool for drs when so little is available for pancreatic cancer.


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Thanks for that Rob. I am currently responding really well to Folfirinox and expect to see some improvement when I have a PET scan in December. The plan from then is to 'lay myself bare' to Professor and ask what he thinks can be done. I am in a very similar position to the patient in the article, so hope I can consider both preocedures as she did.

Hope Carl is doing well.



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Glad things are doing well for you Steve and hopefully you can go ahead and get the tumours zapped ASAP.

Carls ok, we won't find out the results of his scan till 9th October! Crazy. We bumped into his oncologist at hospital and he said he would get him in this week to find out the results but he has a tendency to forget, so I emailed him Monday and still heard nothing back. Im very much hoping no news is good news and if there was something nasty he'd be rushed in quicker but the hospitals never seem to have any sense or urgency.

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