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stents not working


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Dear all

I am new to the post. I am posting about my brother in law (only 49) who is in the Netherlands (I live in the UK but the forum information here seems to be much better) and this is one of the few ways I feel I can be of help to them. He was recently diagnosed, and they are considering treatment (chemo, possibly with operation) but they first need to clear his jaundice. They have tried 2 stents (metal and plastic) and neither of them are working - any experiences of this?

Also - has anyone has a stent placed under general anaesthetic? Both attempts were very painful.

Lastly - does anyone have any experience of the nanoknife treatment (think its available privately in the UK only at the moment.. )

its a frightening disease, i wish everybody all the strength in the world with coping

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Hi Amber

I had a metal stent inserted under sedition back in March 2013 after presenting with jaundice. They did an EUS at the same time and the procedure was entirely painless. My jaundice improved slightly and they thought about replacing the stent but it proved only to be blocked with sludge. After twelve courses of Folfirinox I had the Nanoknife in January 2014. I am now able to manage without the stent which I take to be a sign that there's not much activity around my pancreas.

I have started further treatment after a secondary deposit in my back has become active. For eight months I was trying to have treatment by Cyberknife to this and when they finally agree it had spread too far.


Let's hope your brother-in-law is operable.


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Thank you so much for your prompt reply - I'm sorry to hear of the whole process you have been through so far and that things have not improved as much for you, i wish you and your family all the strenght in the world. Your email was very informative which really really helps and i'm very grateful. He's now had the stent placed again, which was very painful as they wouldn't do general anaesthetic so lets hope it works so they can consider operating. many thanks amber

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My husband had a metal stent done three weeks ago but two days later got biliary sepsis, they put a drain in under a general and the drain has to stay in as when they capped it, 8 hrs later jaundice came back


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PCUK Nurse Dianne

HI Amber,

Thanks for joining the forum and I am sorry to hear about your brother in law. It is great as usual that the forum family have been able to share their experiences with you, this is most important.

Please do feel free to be in contact with us as we can give you some information about the stents and also Nanoknife. I wonder if your brother in law is able to have the stent placed percutaneously (ie through the skin and abdominal wall). This is usually the best option if the stents are unsuccessful via the endoscopy route. Please do feel free to be in contact Amber.



Pancreatic Cancer Specialist Nurse

Support Team

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