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What antibiotics were you on?

Wacky hope you see this as I know your hubby was on antibiotics for 4 weeks

Love jayne

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Thank you so much Wacky, really appreciate it, apparently they are reviewing his bloods tomorrow, taken samples this morning, im sure they want his bed back !

Jayne x

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Pete was on Co-Amoxiclav too but only for a week after he left hospital. But the infection came back and I would push to stay on it for much longer.



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PCUK Nurse Dianne

Hi Jayne,

For the interest of some of the other forum members, if the patient has a plastic stent they will often require change at 3 months, as they tend to block due to 'bile debris' and some of the natural bowel flora may also exaccerbate the risk of infection. At the time of the stent change, antibiotics should be given pre and post the procedure. Usually a plastic stent will be changed to a metal stent, as these have less risk of infection, they are also expandable, so block less frequently and are permanent.

For an infection that has caused the patient to be extremely unwell, you may find that a longer course of antibiotics is required. Also there is still a risk of infection with a metal stent, however not as common place as the plastic stents, and some patients may require what is called 'rotating antibiotics' which involves changing the antibiotics on a more frequent basis to prevent the recurrence of infection.


Support Team

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Metal stents aren't necessarily permanent, I lost mine after it had been in place for over a year, though I didn't realise until my last CT scan in July. I have been able to stop taking Creon since this time and should have less risk of infection with my forthcoming Folfirinox.

After my first cycle of Folfirinox I spiked a temperature which was suspected to be secondary to an infected stent. I was given a weeks course of Co-Amoxiclav and Ciprofloxacin, after having an infusion of what I think was a Cephalosporin. The infection settled quickly and the use of Neulasta to boost leucocytes ensured no further problems.

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