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Hi Guys I have been a member of the board since my dad was diagnosed with PC in July 2012, he had a attempted whipple but due to vein involvement the whipple was aborted,they did a biliary bypass and closed him back up. he was then put on chemo which he responded well to and then radiopherapy.

They did a CT scan after and was quite surprised to see that his tumour had shrunk a bit, enough that they wanted to retry the whipple, so a year to the day since dad was diagnosed he was wheeled back into theatre where by some miracle the whipple was performed.

It's been a year this week since my dads whipple, he has had regular checks and all has been ok, but he had his recent blood results last week and his ca19 is raised to 204, he is eating well and walking miles, doesn't feel unwell at all but obviously totally stressed now :-(

Why is it things go on so lovely and then bang! Back on the roller coaster, he will be having a CT Scan in the next few days to see what's going on.

I'm so worried all those feelings coming back from when he was first diagnosed, I just don't think I can be strong enough to hold it together, but I know I have to be, not only for my dad but for my mum and my family.

Sorry for long post but I have no one else to talk to that understands.

Kind regards


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Hi H, I understand exactly how you feel, my husband had his operation mid September, he had a sub total pancreatectomy, his tumour was in the tail of his pancreas, had 12 courses of chemo and his CA 19 markers fell to 220 from 5,000 at their highest. His last treatment was mid april, since then he has looked and felt so well, everyone thinks he is cured. His blood test from 30th July shows his markers upto 846, he is having a scan on Tuesday then we have an appointment with the Professor the following week, we have arranged a blood test so the consultant has the C19 markers when we see him.

I have to stay positive for my husband and the rest of the family, but it so very hard, I am sure you will be able to hold it together, for your Dad, but it is only natural to be scared.

Post away on here, it does help to feel that you have others who understand how you are feeling and can offer support when you need it. take care sandrax

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Hi Sandra, thankyou for your reply I'm sorry to read you are in the same boat as us, my heart goes out to anyone who has been on a journey with this terrible cancer.

My dads cancer was in the head of his pancreas, he had 12 nodes tested and they all came back clear, his marker went to 35 and 3 months ago was 50, so were quite surprised that his markers was 204 this week.

Because my dads journey was quite different to others in the fact that he had alot of chemo and radiopherapy before the whipple, I sometimes think he should of had more chemo after the whipple, but because his nodes were clear and clear margins I don't think they thought it necessary,

Will pray for good results for your husband and yourself, please let me know how it goes take care H x

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Hi H, unfortunately this cancer often shows up again around a year after op even if everything was clear afterwards. I think it spreads in tiny amounts very early and these are not detectable for some time. Chemo has limited effect but can often stabilise and sometimes reduce tumours. It must be a good sign that the chemo reduced his tumour last time. It is so hard when you have that hope that they have somehow beaten the odds when they are in remission and then you get worrying symptoms or tests back. My man's has come back in his liver but nowhere else at the moment so he is having more chemo in the hope that is stabilises for a bit longer. As for coping, sometimes I do and sometimes I most definitely do not. All you can do is be strong when you feel strong and go away and howl when you don't. You can't be strong all the time and it's important to let it out when you need to. Thinking of you and hoping that the scan shows something you can work on. x

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Big hugs, you will be strong when you need to be, I thought that I wouldn't cope for my dad, but I managed to, and when I was strong mum was having a wobble and vice versa. I hope you get some good news. It is like being on a roller coaster but loo after yourself as well.

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Hi guys well just returned from seeing the oncologist and there has been no change in dads CT scan from the beginning of the year, inflammation has reduced around surgery site and there is some still there so they are going to have a meeting and discuss that but apparently that's quite usual, no tumours or spread to any other organs.

Although there still is a concern in the rise in his ca19 marker, we so needed these positives to keep us going

Love H

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No tumours or spread is always a good result. Hopefully the upcoming meeting will also give some more positives with a way forward regarding treatment.

Good luck!



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