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My dads gone


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Sorry not sure where else to post and cant help thinking we should have done more. Dad lost his battle last month with Pancreatic Cancer. 2 years ago he developed jaundice , after scans ect they realised his bile duct was blocked and put a stent in, over the next year it was like the okey cockey with the stent . each time no sign of cancer . then last June they decided to do the Whipple procedure. The surgeon found a tumour in his pancreas. 6 months of chemo followed as a precaution. May dad was told to come back in 6 months all was okay and nothing showing up on scans. He had had back stiffness from month 3 of chemo.May they investigated and said that he had an infection from the surgery a year before- was that a sign of the cancer returning. June he started being sick daily and had a bloate stomach, was told it was a reaction to the strong antibiotics for his back infection. July admitted to hospital - the stomach bloating was 17 litres of liquid. the cancer was back and aggressive . 2 weeks later he passed away, just upset that the hospital could not keep his vomiting and nausea at bay just to make his last 2 weeks restful. Is this how this cancer goes- did e miss anything. the thing i find hard to believe with all of this he never had any pain at all?

Sorry to put this all on here .

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So sorry to hear your father's story. Sadly, this cancer is the sneakiest one of all and its so devastating.

Take care of yourself.

Julia x

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My condolences.

Most people ask themselves if anything they could have done would have made a difference, the answer is almost always no. A surprisingly high number of cancer patients never have pain. I presented in the same way as your father that is jaundice eighteen months ago. Since that was relieved, my only symptoms have been pain, firstly from the tumour and latterly from a bony met. We are all different, even with this disease.


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Sorry to hear about your Dad, please don't apologise for posting that's what the forum's for getting things off your chest, hopefully helps.

The more I read about this dreadful disease the more it seems that everyone is so different, and the disease is so sneaky in the way it hides itself and moves around. Its good your Dad didn't suffer pain, but a shame they weren't able to stop his sickness, please take care sandrax

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi there,

Just echoing the sentiments of the previous posters on here.

I would also like to extend our sympathies on behalf of the support team and wider charity - we are aware of the devastating impact this has on families.

So sorry for your loss.

Kind regards,

Jeni, Support Team.

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Sorry to hear your sad news. there are a lot of 'if onlys' with this cancer but we all did what we thought we should at the time. Hopefully more awareness of this cancer is gradually filtering through to the general population - whether it is with the GPs and other medics is another thing!

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