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Chemo- 2nd cycle-2nd week- Gemcitabine


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I turned up on Monday at my local MacMillan Cancer Centre for 2nd cycle - 2nd Week and they did a blood test. They leave the needle in, test the blood, and proceed with the chemo- Gemcitabine- for 30 mins.

I felt a bit queasy during chemo. I got home and in the afternoon began to feel weak and hot and took myself to bed. I later checked my temperature and found I was 38. I phoned the out of hours chemo number and was told to report to A & E.

My wife took me and I was admitted and placed on drips of paracetamol, antibiotics, saline and plasma. I had a chest x-ray as I had a mild cough. I was discharged the next afternoon with 5 days of antibiotic tablets.

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My partner had a few problems with high temperatures and infections. It's quite common so hope yours clears up quickly and you get back on track soon.

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I too had a similar incident on GemCap last year. They admitted me overnight and did tests, though found nothing untoward. When my temperature syabilised the next day I was sent home, with no further incident over 4 months treatment. They just have to play safe with potential serious infections.

Hope the rest of the treatment is uneventful.



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