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anyone know much about squamous cell pancreatic cancer?


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My mum was diagnosed today but we have very little info. She has no symptoms, this must be a good thing???

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Hi Maevmac and welcome to the forum. You will find a wealth of experience support here. I am not familiar with the type of cancer you mention, but there does appear to be a 'real life story' under the rarer forms of cancer by Paul who looks to have had this type. I would however suggest you either email or phone the support nurses (Di and Jeni) at this site and they will be able to furnish you with the facts. They work Monday - Friday and will be more than happy to advise. Generally there are few symptoms with Pancreatic Cancer in the early stages, so it is difficult to know at what stage your Mum may be. Again, the nurses here will be best placed to advise.

Hope this is of some help


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I think this type is very rare so there is not so much info on treatment efficacy. I am sure the nurses will advise you as soon as they can. Good luck and no symptoms is always good!

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Hi Maevmac,

Welcome to the forum it provides a great support network and it's members/nurses are a fountain of knowledge and experience.

I am glad your mum doesn't have any symptoms

Best wishes


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