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Increase in liver pain.


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Increase in liver pain after round 4 of Folfirinox . Bit frightened. No other symptoms ie weight loss or jaundice.

My diagnosis is 2cm tumour in pancreas and a few liver mets. Frightened this pain could indicate liver mets are getting larger.

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Having one in a few weeks. Consultant didn't seem to think that increase in pain was indicative of mets getting bigger, he said it could be the result of numerous different things ( even shrinkage ), but to me increase in liver pain = increase in size.

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Carl gets abdominal pains quite a lot at the moment on folfirinox, he's on cycle 7 now I think. They are more short lived but very intense pains that make him stop in his tracks for a while to breath through them. I'd try not to worry, the scan will give you definitive results, but also your liver is under a great amount of strain on chemo dealing with all those poisons in your blood so some pain there could be a side effect of the chemo itself. Obviously you need to be checked out, but try to stay positive and who knows the pain could be the little buggers dying not growing.



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I am just about to start my first cycle of Folfirinox (I had GemCap last time) so cannot really advise. I do however find Rob's comment really useful and reassuring (thanks Rob!). As he says, difficult though it sometimes is, please stay positive and hopefully the upcoming scan will alay your concerns.

Take care



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I tend to agree that it is more than likely the cancer being shrunk, but I also understand your worry. Is it possible to get a earlier CT scan, just to ease your mind?

My dads last cycle of chemo was pretty tough on him, and lasted longer than it has done in the past, and his CT showed liver mets have shrunk.

I do understand it playing on your mind though, it's anxiety you don't need.

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