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Do I need so much sleep ??


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Morning Everyone,

I was dx 1 year ago stage 4 PC. I stopped all chemo treatment in Nov. last year, chosing to have quality of life over quantity.

Over the last week I have been sleeping on and off all day and night. I sleep for 1 - 2 hours, but never wake refreshed and I am dozing off again an hour later. I have tried keeping myself awake, but it doesn't change anything.

I just wondered if anyone has had any experience of this ?? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you Lesley x

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Hi Lesley. How are you feeling generally?

I do know Ray suffered with fatigue terribly and described exactly what you are saying, ie never feeling refreshed after a sleep. That was when he was on chemotherapy though.

I would speak to your doctor about it?

Keep well.

Julia x

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Hi Lesley

Yes, cancer does cause fatigue, it is your body recharging its batteries.

As Julia suggests, have a word with your GP. It maybe that adjusting your diet a little might help or adding in some supplements. Also sometimes a little walk can be reviving.

Best of luck.

Take care

Cathy xxx

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Hi Lesley, I have been lucky enough to have 10 months of no treatment (after 4 months of GemCap) and have been really well over that period. However, my marker is now rising quickly and it looks as though the cancer is becoming active again. My family have noticed that I too am sleeping more (as I did when first diagnosed) and as I am not currently in medication, it must be down to the cancer itself. Not really sure how to address this symptom, but I am sure that the GP can advise (I am shortly starting on Folfirinox).

Hope this helps!

Take care



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