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Wish someone would help him

Guest Fifi

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Stewart sounds such a very lovely man, and his love for you is so obvious. He's not left you, they don't. I hope Dad is still here with me, I hope he holds my hand as often as he can. We can only cling on to hope.

Leila xx

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Hi Linda,

Thank you for asking. It is very very tough at the moment, but what I have to tell myself is Dad wouldn't want to see me just yet, and that I have to try to live what life I have left. There just seems no point to anything. Am just so very numb inside.

How are you coping Linda? Have you heard anymore from the hospital?

Leila xx

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Hi Leila, I know exactly how you feel! I don't seem to be able to move forward at all. I understand the numbness too. Its one year tomorrow since Stewart was diagnosed. Every day I go through the "this time last year" scenario. I try so hard just to get through every day, it's not really living though is it?. I can't wait to take that sleeping tablet at night and go to bed. No thoughts, no dreams, just peace and an empty mind, for a short time.I haven't heard anything else form the hospital yet. Not sure if I ever will. I'll keep going of course because that's what he would have wanted. You take care of yourself.


Linda G


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