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Just wondering if it's usual to only give a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer after it's been confirmed via biopsy? A bit of background - my dad had a ct scan late January where they raised the possibility of cancer due to a mass on his pancreas and an abnormality with his liver. Since this time he's had a stent fitted because of jaundice, and his pancreas biopsy was inconclusive. He then had a liver biopsy but hasn't heard anything since (it's been over 2 weeks). Is it normal for diagnosis to take this long? I would have thought he'd have been told one way or another by now as it seems a long time to wait before starting chemo if it is cancer. Anyone else experienced anything like this? Maybe they can't work out what's wrong?

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PCUK Nurse Dianne

Hi RI123,

Thanks for joining the forum, I am sure you will find this a very supportive place. WE have a great 'forum family' who are all very supportive and welcoming so I am sure you will have some positive responses from the too.

I am sorry to hear about your father's investigations and potential diagnosis. I wonder if you father has had a CT scan? It is not uncommon for a pancreatic biopsy to be inconclusive, especially if this was done via endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) as it may be difficult to obtain a specimen that has tumour cells in it (when suspecting pancreatic cancer). If your father has had a stent inserted for jaundice, you should have been given an explanation as to why he was jaundiced, and a CT scan should have given some information about this. If your father was being investigated for pancreatic cancer, this time delay is inappropriate and the NHS trust dealing with your father's care should have been in contact with you before now.

Do you have a contact number of a specialist nurse who has been involved in your father's care, or the number of a secretary of the Consultant who has been managing his care.

Please do feel free to be in contact with Jeni or myself on the support line (020 3535 7099 or email: support@pancreaticcancer.org.uk) and we can help you to get this sorted out. We would need some more information than you can give over this forum, and would be happy to help you find a solution here and advise you where to go to next. I hope this is helpful and please do not hesitate to be in contact.



Support Team

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